General Correspondence, 1893-2000
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Brief Description: General correspondence of Albert S. Wilson (1907-12), Frances Simpson (1912-30), Amelia Krieg (1931-41), Errett W. McDiarmid (1942), Lewis F. Steig (1943-46), Harold Lancour (1947-61) and Herbert Goldhor (1962-71), Dean Leigh Estabrook (1972-96), Assistant and Associate Directors of the Library School, and Directors Phineas L. Windsor, Robert B. Downs and Herbert Goldhor, with administrators of other library schools and libraries and university colleges and departments; prospective students, administrative personnel, faculty and prospective faculty members, publishers and library journals concerning academic requirements; graduation; library school courses; instruction; books, pamphlets, films, theses and catalogs for use in the library school; placement activities; alumni; honors; student statistics; summer school; degrees; research; scholarships; part-time student employment; budgets; student housing; American and Illinois Library Associations; bibliographies; announcements and arrangements for conferences; institutions; administrative problems; war activities; library science; field trips; leaves; surveys; travel arrangements for conferences, trips, vacations and guest lecturers; accreditation and transfer of credits; salaries; civil service examinations; new courses; Ford Foundation Grant; demonstration laboratory; seminars; minutes of executive committee and faculty meetings; field work programs; exchange and international cooperation programs; Japan and U. S. field seminar on reference service; Knapp Project (1964); laboratory library project with Urbana Free Library and inservice training programs. The file also includes student evaluations, notes and reports on their apprentice work (1913-41), clippings, reports, exams and programs.
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Created by: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate School of Library and Information Science
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Acquired: 6/23/1966; 9/2/69; 8/19/71; 9/26-7/72; 3/11/82; 9/2001; 11/28/2007; 1/26/2009; 4/4/2011
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Biographical Note for University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Graduate School of Library and Information Science :

The Library School of the University of Illinois was founded in September 1893 as the School of Library Economy, and was housed at the Armour Institute in Chicago. In September 1897 the School was moved to the University of Illinois.1 In December 1902, degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Library Science and Bachelor of Library Science were approved.2 The bachelor's degree program was discontinued in 1951.3 In 1950 the Library School was placed under the Dean of the Division of Communications4 but regained its independent status in 1954.5 As of September 1, 1971, the School, which was responsible to the Dean of Library Administration, began reporting directly to the Chancellor.6 In 1962 the Advisory Council of Librarians was created, composed of leading librarians in the state, representing each of the major types of libraries.7 The name of the School was changed in 1959 to the Graduate School of Library Science.8 In 1981, the name was changed again to the Graduate School of Library and Information Science.9 School goals are to prepare librarians and information scientists for professional work through essential basic studies and specialization by course choices and independent studies; to promote and conduct pure and applied research; and to provide public service such as continuing education, publications, and consulting.10

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