Sever Tipei Music and Papers, 1961-2015
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Brief Description: Consists of the music and papers of Sever Tipei and James W. Beauchamp. Sever Tipei is an emeritus professor of music composition theory and the director of the University of Illinois' Computer Music Project. James Beauchamp is an emeritus professor of electrical engineering and music. Beauchamp was the director the Experimental Music Studios from 1969-1972, and co-founder of the Computer Music Project.
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Record Series Number: 12/5/78
Created by: Tipei, Sever
Volume: 13.75 cubic feet
Acquired: 06/28/2021.
Arrangement: Organized in five series: Series 1: Computer Music Project Administrative Records; Series 2: Sever Tipei Personal Papers; Series 3: Coursework and Instructional Materials; Series 4: Performance Recordings and Digital Audio Tapes (DAT); Series 5: Computer Music Project Technology. Series 2 constists of two subseries: Subseries 1: Adiministrative Papers, including grant applications, conference presentations, and faculty appointments, organized chronologically; Subseries 2: Sheet Music, Scores, and Concert Programs, organized alphabetically by title. Series 3 consists of two subseries: Subseries 1: Sever Tipei's Course Materials, organized by course number; Subseries 2: James Beauchamp's course materials and articles.
Biographical Note for Tipei, Sever : Sever Tipei was born in Bucharest, Romania, immigrated to the United States in 1972 and became a U.S. citizen in 1978. He holds degrees in composition from the University of Michigan and in piano performance from the Bucharest Conservatory (now National University of Music at Bucharest). Sever Tipei has been teaching since 1978 at the University of Illinois School of Music where he directs the Computer Music Project. MP1, his program for computer-assisted composition in use between 1973 and 1998, was the first such program to be implemented on a supercomputer ( NCSA 's CRAY X-MP), in 1986. Sever Tipei also had a Faculty Appointment (visiting scientist) at the Argonne National Laboratory between 1994 and 2003. In collaboration with Hans Kaper, Senior Mathematician (now retired), at Argonne Tipei worked on developing an Environment for Music Composition (EMC), that included software for composition, sound synthesis, automatic music notation, and visualization of music in a virtual environment. Tipei and Kaper have also pursued the sonification of complex scientific data. A more recent project, DISSCO, a Digital Instrument for Sound Synthesis and Composition, available on represents a unified approach to composition and sound synthesis.
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