Annual Calendars
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Brief Description: Annual calendars (1994, 2000, 2002, 2006-2009) for the Illinois Fire Service Institute.
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Record Series Number: 31/10/811
Created by: Illinois Fire Service Institute
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Acquired: 07/10/0009.
Arrangement: Chronological.
Biographical Note for Illinois Fire Service Institute :

Under the INT sponsorship of the University, the State Fire Marshal, and the Illinois Firemen's Association, the Illinois Fire College was first held in 1925. It was the first firemanship training program of its kind in the United States.1 The College was unique in that it was controlled by a director and a committee appointed by the Illinois Firemen's Association; there were no officers.2 Although several members of the Department of Architecture served as directors and committee members, the College was not a departmental program.3 In 1954, the firemanship training program became a part of the Division of University Extension, first as a project of the Short Courses and Conferences Section, and later, in 1957, as a separate section.4 In 1973 the Division was reorganized and the program was placed under the Office of Continuing Education and Public Service.5 After September 1, 1975, the Office of University-Wide Projects, under the Associate Vice-President for Public Service, assumed responsibility for the program which is currently known as the Fire Service Institute.6

Firemanship training gradually expanded from the week-long Illinois Fire College to a year-long program which includes regional schools and specialized technical courses, and extended its services beyond the original group of fireman, local officials and concerned industrial personnel to the staffs of nursing homes and hospitals.7

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